Katlyn Border - General Manager

Katlyn has been a part of FARM since the beginning. Because of her understanding of the restaurant and her level of commitment, she leads with efficiency, dignity, and accountability. This is why she is an incredible General Manager. Katlyn knows that she has been blessed with many opportunities in her role at FARM and those opportunities have become treasured hobbies - like experiencing remarkable travel destinations, good food and drinks, and unforgettable times with her colleagues. Through these experiences, she has learned that no job is too difficult and good experiences are never too hard to find. Katlyn looks forward to her continued growth at FARM as the footprint continues to expand in Palm Springs. Katlyn is determined to give our guests at FARM the same experiences that FARM has given to her; an unforgettable travel destination, good food, great drinks, and memorable experiences with family and friends.

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Alysse Hurtado photo

Alysse Hurtado - Manager

Alysse is a Coachella Valley native with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including fast-paced casual restaurants, fine dining restaurants, and her personal favorite style, "Palm Springs swanky destination dining." Her love for finding "hidden gems" that provide an experience, involving high-quality food, superior ambiance, and great service, brought her to a management role at FARM. With her experience and expertise in the industry and her devotion to leading her team toward productivity, kindness, and enthusiasm, she strives to gain knowledge (especially wine knowledge, cheers!), and maintain FARM's reputation as a trendy destination that delights the senses. Alysse looks forward to FARM's many projects in Palm Springs. She thrives on being part of the exceptional team, interacting with our exceptional diners, and helping others find joy and pleasure in a good meal and a glass of wine.

Nicholas Spalding - Manager

The hospitality industry is in Nick's blood through generations of restaurant/bar owners and operators in his family. Nick has literally grown up in the business. His love of cuisine and particularly bartending began in sports bars, which paved the way for his growth as a leader. Nick has restaurants to thank for the opportunity he has had to move around the country, learning and growing with every new challenge. FARM is fortunate to have a versatile manager like Nick on our team. As the newest addition to our leadership team, he is eager and optimistic about calm and kind leadership, integrity, and giving our guests a superb dining experience.

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Farm Kitchen Managers

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"Whatever you do, do it from the heart as for the Lord, and not for men, knowing that you will receive the reward from the Lord."
-Colossians 3:23-24

Humberto Carrion (left), Orlando Becerra (center), and Guadalupe Carrion (right). Together, they are the heart and soul of our restaurant, FARM. Humberto and Lupe are brothers and Orlando is their cousin. They spent their childhoods together by the mountains and lakes of San Juan, Jalisco where they discovered the joy of cooking while helping their mother prepare meals. Upon arrival in Palm Springs, they banded together, learning the profession of hospitality.

Our chefs draw inspiration from all over the world. From Mexico to Japan, they're all well-versed in international cuisine. The source of their dedication and the motivator behind each creation is the joyful emotions experienced through food. From the care and love in the preparation of each dish, to the reaction of our guests being served the finished product, we are comforted to know that we are in such capable hands.